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Art Noise Gallery:  OKWA  Why Paint?     Dates: May 27 – June 26, 2021    Opening:  May 28, 2021


Asking a painter “why paint?” is the same as asking, why art?  Asking an artist who uses various media “why (use) paint?” is more specific but no less compelling. The question encompasses the artist's reasons both for making art and for choosing paint to do so.

In 1839, the French painter Paul Delaroche supposedly declared “From today, painting is dead” after seeing a daguerreotype for the first time;  Kenneth Clarke and Herbert Read debated the relevance of painting in the modern world a century later.  Why Painting Still Matters was the subject of a show at The Tate in 2013.  The argument has been repeatedly “rehearsed and rehashed” says Adrian Searle of The Guardian in his review of a current exhibition (until May 2020) at The Whitechapel in London, adding it “takes on board the idea that it can do things other media can’t.”

What does paint do for you in your expression?  Why do you choose it rather than another medium?  

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