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(posted on 18 Nov 2015)

An excellent evening of discussion of some of our artists' work in this exhibition. Selected artists created a one-line statement about their work, comments were made by others, and the artists responded. Our appreciation and understanding of each others' art and process was greatly increased through this event!

(posted on 4 Nov 2015)

Thanks to Martine Bresson for these shots of opening night.

The curators did an excellent job of arranging and hanging so many diverse works in the limited amount of space, in a way that created a sense of unity and flow. Thanks to JT Winik and Sandra Jass.

The awful weather did not keep people away and everyone who took time to come out had an opportunity for interesting conversations, with beautiful artwork to take in.

Maya Jagger & Jane Derby Delvalle

Mary Peppard & Jane Sue Lyon & Mary P.

(posted on 1 Nov 2015)

Our bi-annual artists' talks are popular, inspiring and highly informative. Each set of talks consists of 2 members presenting their work in the form of projected slides, giving us an historical perspective on the evolution of their art, along with insights into the motivations and influences in their work. Here are posters announcing some of our talks over the past years:

(posted on 1 Feb 2015)

Our winter exhibition was held at the Window Art Gallery, part of the Kingston School of Art.

Kamille Parkinson gives her take on the show and its venue:

(posted on 8 Feb 2014)

At this exhibition opening night, we presented an interesting conversation with 3 local artists/critics, who selected several pieces as their choices for most successful work. Each of the judges then gave their opinion on each others' choices.

Kingston Whig-Standard article on our opening event:

Su Sheedy holding Julie Davidson-Smith's painting while Melanie Dugan (writer) comments, and Kamille Parkinson (art criticism writer) and Daniel Hughes (portrait artist) wait their turn.

Julie Davidson-Smith

Sandra Jass Mary Peppard

(posted on 1 Feb 2013)

Hangers: Rose Stewart and Caroline Marshall hanging Jane Derby's piece.

Rose gets to work hanging the layout studiously determined by Caroline Marshall and Su Sheedy.

Maya Jagger pausing in front of Mary Crawford's painting. Main exhibit organizer, Mieke VanGeest working on right.

Rose Stewart and Alana Kapell "hanging out" in front of their work.

Another hooked Alana Kapell piece with Lyn Rapin's wonderfully textured piece on left.

Mary Peppard's brilliant diptych.

(posted on 1 Feb 2012)

The first of our two exhibitions this year. This exhibition was accompanied by talks by our juror--Natalka Husar, Toronto artist--both at our opening night and the following evening at the Agnes Etherington Gallery.

Kingston Whig-Standard Art Critic review, by Kamille Parkinson:

(posted on 1 Feb 2011)

Our winter exhibition, "Synergy", for 2011 showed at the Kingston Public Library for one month, then moved on to the wonderful space at the John M. Parrott Gallery in Belleville.

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